Who wants this site?

4 01 2008

if anyone wants this site, comment here and i’ll pick you.


Sorry Folks!

19 12 2007

sorry folks!

as you can see i’m closing down 😦 not much comments and so on.

please visit my other site: slushy.wordpress.com

and please do comment.

well, bye!

Might be closing

12 12 2007

Hey the new emotions are out. Check them out. There ok but not as good as the old ones. There is one secret emotion. Press E+W to get the chocolate emotion.

oh by the way, i might be closing this site down because no one ever comments on it now days, Well good bye

22 11 2007

Sorry i haven’t been posting for a while, but heres the updates

the new map


and the theature from the outside


and now from the inside

s2.jpg(click to see full pic)

four tings about the treature

  1. if you click on the srcipt it give you 6 pages of the play that you can say
  2. if you click on the costume truck you can bye cool alien and robots clothes but its ony for members
  3. if you click on one of the screens in the top right corner of the stage you can change the screen
  4. if you click on the two puffle ontop the yellow puffle will appear

s3.jpg this is the four place you were able to find this puffle

and the empty tv screen in the hq is finnaly finlled its the theature


The First Secret would be the Candelabra. To get it, click on the Fire Pit. It costs $650 PC (Penguin Coins)


The Second Secret would be the Pipe Organ! To get it, click on the Upright Piano. It costs $4500 PC (Penguin Coins)


The Last Secret would be the Concert Lights. To get it Click on the Speaker of the Home Stereo. It costs $1650 PC (Penguin Coins)


For the Igloo Catalogue there are 3 Secrets.

On the Floor Removal Page Click on the Crowbar to get the Secret Stone Igloo. It Costs $2000 PC (Penguin Coins)


Second Secret. Click on the Deluxe Snow Igloo’s Door to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo. It Costs $5000 PC (Penguin Coins)


Last, Long Secret. The Snow Globe. It Costs $3700 PC (Penguin Coins) To get it, Click on Every Word “Snow” in the Catalogue.

On Page 2:

On Page 11:

On Page 11:

On Page 16:

On Page 17:

On Page 17:

Then Once you have Clicked all the Words, “Snow” Go back to Page 13 and Click on teh Basic Igloo’s Window. You should have the Option to buy a Snow Globe, Pop Up.


Any Ideas?? post em here!

3 11 2007
hello everyone! 

does anyone have any ideas for me to put on pics (edits) or ideas for my site, post em here the best idea resives 5 diffrent banners and any other (runners up) will resive 1

anyway who knows how to do this?

bbcvbcvbvcbvbvcbvcbvcbcv.jpg picture by cinnamon-sugar-cookie

please post about this!!

i’m making a new cp site what shall it be called and what shall i put on it like cheats,hacks

when i get my laptop (soon) i’ll make hack progams

keep on waddlin!


Halloween stuff

28 10 2007

The Bucket is in the Snow forts:


There’s 1 in the coffee shop:


theres one in the pizza shop, THere’s one in the binoculor’s on the cove (you have to wait) a little while 10secounds max. theres one in the forest,

THere’s on in the ski lodge in the mullet’s eye: THere’s one in the lighthouse roof where the intertube is: THere’s the one in the top of the mountian click the band on the hat:

-sigh- last one is the

one in the nightclub you have to click the puffle then happy halloween:

enjoy what you get! and happy halloween!

hallooween help!

27 10 2007

heres a clip, ( i got from www.aguair.wordpress.com) it will help you 🙂

enjoy! 🙂 and please comment